8bit Fellastar

An animation I did for the 123klan / bandit-1sm Fellastar video contest (http://fellastar.bandit-1sm.com/)
Unfortunately I only found out about the competition 4 days before the closing date so there isn’t as much animation as I had hoped and no sweet 8bit soundtrack 🙁

Without much time for planning I just started off with a page of quick sketches.

I then used Paint.NET to draw out Fellastar’s poses and run animation (I really wanted to do more animation but just didn’t end up having time)

Grabbing a few ‘bad guys’ from older sketches and worked them up in Paint.NET along with the evil Dr. Squidbrains and the Squidlings 🙂

The final animation, shots, and effects were completed in After Effects in a couple of hours.

All up it was a pretty fun 4 days of putting something together and a real joy to work with such an awesome looking character. A big thanks to 123klan and bandit-1sm!