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WW1 Soldier

This year marks the centenary of the beginning of the first world war.
I started sculpting up a soldier for a job pitch – unfortunately the job didn’t go ahead so I shelved it for a few months. Then another possible job came up and I did a little more sculpting but alas that job also isn’t happening. So I spent a little time finishing it off anyway – it also is another good chance to try out some of the newer sculpting tools in 3D Coat as well as testing the physically based shading that is becoming popular in modern games and realtime applications.

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Butterfly Island

A quick VR scene set up over a weekend for some Oculus DK1 testing. The idea is to run around a contained ‘island’ floating in the sky catching butterflys 🙂

Used a bunch of assets from the AssetStore and reused some nav mesh code from previous projects.