Fatality is a student, short film created by Delvinder Singh, Gareth Lockett, Joshua Smith, and Mathew Papagelakis as part of the Bachelor of Animation, CIU211.2 Collaborative interdisciplinary creative media project.

The film uses the classic 1987 arcade beat ’em up video game, Double Dragon along with characters from several other iconic video games. The narrative flips the idea that the hero┬áis somehow immune to the law and has them served with the consequences of their brutally violent actions.

IntroTextJuryOn this project I worked with the team to brainstorm and storyboard the concept. Then worked on creating all the graphical elements by extracting the character sprites and background from the original game (via MAME)
MAME_RipsBackgroundI also created several new graphics and animation
in the style of the original.