Medieval Character Pack



The Medieval Character Pack (MCP) is a collection of game-ready character models and animations inspired by the European Middle Ages.
The goal of MCP is to create a growing library of characters and props that will always work well together.

The Medieval Character Pack is now available in the Unity AssetStore!

What’s included

MCP currently comes with:

  • 5 skinned mesh, Knight characters
  • 3 shield models (With 5 designs)
  • 4 weapons
  • 11 basic animations
  • 2 material types (Reflective/BumpSpec and Mobile/BumpSpec)

* All materials are set up as Allegorithmic Substances to allow customization.

Preview01 Preview02 Preview03 Preview04 Preview05 Preview06 Preview07

Sneak peek update
First MCP update will contain 5 ‘townsfolk’ characters – a noble woman, merchant, blacksmith, child, and *TBA* 🙂
Here is a sneak peek at the high(ish) rez 3D sculpts.

Update #2 – all 5 characters retopogolized (~3,000 triangles each), textured, and rigged, with the basic knight walk. Also will include 9 new weapons for the knight characters.