Minor Head Injury

MHI ShotsSome shots I did on the super low budget, short film ‘Minor Head Injury’

The shots I worked on include:

Crashed alien ship. This involved tracking footage, building the 3D space ship, and compositing the final shot.

Crashed Ship

Digital wall blood. Here I tracked the footage, added digital blood splatters to the walls, and masked the main actress (For areas where she passes in front of the digital blood elements)

Wall Blood

CG alien eye. Again, tracked reference footage, built 3D alien eye, and composited final shot. I also had to do some tracking and stabilization on the nurse’s reflection footage.

CG Eye

Truck back. This shot has several tasks. First was to track the very shaky shot, second was to add a digital double (Nurse on floor in bottom right), third was to add digital blood to the walls, and finally to stabilize the shot into a smoother move.

Truck Back

Alien tentacle on monitor. A simple shot adding a 3D, alien tentacle element to the monitor footage.

Tentacle Monitor

Digital blood spurt. Created a digital blood spurt element for a post head exploding shot 🙂

Blood Spurt


Overall these were all pretty fun shots to work on!